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Pride Technology Expo 2012


2012 Pride Technology Expo


Next Thursday, October 18th, the third annual Pride Institute Technology Expo opens in the ADA CE Hub. This incredible event will showcase 18 Best of Class winners in the field of high-tech dental equipment, materials, and systems rated by a panel of dental industry experts. There will also be numerous seminars and courses available to attendees. These include 12 free one-hour courses highlighting the winners above, and a slew of courses designed to teach participants how to build a business model, implement effective marketing plans, and effectively utilize social media.

If there are any tickets left, be sure to get one for my course, The Social Media Rules of Engagement: Connecting with Past, Present, and Prospective Patients. Otherwise, definitely stop by and say hello. If nothing else, come to the expo to see the best new technology products in the industry will be an amazing experience.

If you’re interested in social media and learning more about how to use it and connect with your audience, follow me @LouShuman on Twitter and Dr. Lou Shuman on Google+. I am always open to connect and I love posting and sharing anything interesting and helpful.

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