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3 Crucial Social Media Tips for Small Business

April 2nd, 2013 No comments

2012 was another big year in social media with lots changing all the time; now we’re through Q1 of 2013 and continuing with the same trend. Here are three crucial social media tips that small businesses should implement right away.

LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ Logos

Upgrade to Pinterest Business Accounts

If your small business has been using Pinterest, then you’ll want to upgrade to a Pinterest business account. These feature a verified link to your website, making your page look more trustworthy. Furthermore, business accounts can take advantage of new widgets to add visibility to their Pinterest page.


Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Company pages were updated to include cover photos and the ability to target company page updates. For instance, if you had an update that would be of particular interest to executives, you could target your followers that identify themselves as such on LinkedIn. While checking out these new features, be sure to optimize your company page to include as much relevant information as possible.


Optimize Your Google+ Local Business Page

In Google Maps, business locations are Google+ Local Business pages.

You can also find your business page by signing into your Google+ account and clicking “Local.” This article will tell you everything you need to know about Google+ Local Business pages for now, but don’t miss on updating these parts to your page:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Local phone number
  • Website
  • Categories
  • Business hours
  • Pictures
  • Description
  • Email address


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5 Accounts Dr. Lou Shuman Follows on Twitter That You Should Too

February 26th, 2013 No comments


There are a lot of great users on Twitter. So many, in fact, that I follow over 500 users to catch up on my interests and daily news. Below are five users I find particularly useful (or just entertaining). And when you’re finished reading, be sure to follow me at @loushuman.


Ian Huckabee (@WeejeeMedia)

Ian is all about technology, meaning he tweets multiple times per day with lots of interesting content. If you’re into social media, you’ll definitely want to follow him.


DentistUSA (@Dentist_USA) is an online directory of dentists, and they use their Twitter account to post great content. Some examples include a link to an article like “Why should you chew sugarless gum?” and guessing celebrity smiles.


American Dental Association (@AmerDentalAssn)

Get your daily dental news by following the American Dental Association. They tweet articles, statistics, photos from events, and much more. This is a great resource for anyone in the dental industry.


Dr. Jeffrey Nordon (@CanuckDentistJN)

Jeffrey is the founder of WestcoastSmile Dental Studio, as well as the team dentist for the National Hockey League’s Vancouver Canucks (hockey brings a lot of dental work). When he tweets you’ll get interesting articles.


Dentist Problems (@DentistProblems)

This is a fun follow for anyone in the dental profession. Follow this Twitter account and you’ll get funny tweets almost every day. Here are a couple of my favorites:

  • What’s your favorite flavor of topical anesthetic? #dentistproblems
  • That awkward moment when a patient tells you they’ve already heard your story… twice. #dentistproblems


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Pride Technology Expo 2012

October 13th, 2012 No comments


2012 Pride Technology Expo


Next Thursday, October 18th, the third annual Pride Institute Technology Expo opens in the ADA CE Hub. This incredible event will showcase 18 Best of Class winners in the field of high-tech dental equipment, materials, and systems rated by a panel of dental industry experts. There will also be numerous seminars and courses available to attendees. These include 12 free one-hour courses highlighting the winners above, and a slew of courses designed to teach participants how to build a business model, implement effective marketing plans, and effectively utilize social media.

If there are any tickets left, be sure to get one for my course, The Social Media Rules of Engagement: Connecting with Past, Present, and Prospective Patients. Otherwise, definitely stop by and say hello. If nothing else, come to the expo to see the best new technology products in the industry will be an amazing experience.

If you’re interested in social media and learning more about how to use it and connect with your audience, follow me @LouShuman on Twitter and Dr. Lou Shuman on Google+. I am always open to connect and I love posting and sharing anything interesting and helpful.

T-Scan Occlusal Analysis System

March 30th, 2011 No comments

The T-Scan system is a valuable tool that aids in the diagnostic process of analyzing a patient’s bite to show what is and what is not functioning properly. When a bite is unstable it can cause pain, broken restorations, gum disease, tooth loss, headaches and TMJ disorder.

Key Features:

The ultra-thin, reusable sensor, shaped to fit the dental arch, inserts into the sensor handle, which connects into the USB port of your existing PC, making it easy to move from one operatory to another. Evaluating occlusal forces is as simple as having a patient bite down on the sensor while the computer analyzes and displays timing and force data in vivid, full-color 3-D or 2-D graphics.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve clinical results
  • Take back control, no longer rely on patient feel
  • Determine premature contacts
  • Minimize destructive forces
  • Provide instant documentation
  • Use as a patient education tool to enhance comfort and increase case acceptance
  • Save time by preventing remakes

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    Hello world!

    March 30th, 2011 1 comment

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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